How to Jailbreak Your iPhone – Easy Way Tech Guide

If you’re an iPhone user, you probably understand the concept of Jailbreaking. It basically means opening up your iPhone to use all sorts of software, not just the limited free and paid software provided by Apple but it opens up the door to using other sources of software.  It doesn’t take a monumental effort to Jailbreak your iPhone. It’s fairly easy to do, and it can really boost your iPhone experience by giving you access to a whole new dimension of apps. Just follow this guide to Jailbreak your phone and you’ll gain access to countless new apps within no time.

I did my first Jailbreak thanks to this guide at - they cover jailbreaking and Rooting (for Android) as part of their monitoring software guides. It is an interesting site covering all types of spy software for iPhones and Android devices - just another reason why Jailbreaking could be needed! Now back to the guide ...

First, Create a Backup!


Safety first!If you want to do an iPhone Jailbreak on an iOS device filled with important data, then your first step is to create a backup of all files. This is just in case something goes wrong. You can use all sorts of online software to backup. If you’re a hardcore iOS user, then your first choice should be iTunes, naturally. Because iTunes also has a backup feature. Anyway, finding a software to be able to back up your data will not be difficult. But if you have a lot of data in your iPhone, then the actual process of backup might take a few minutes. Be patient!


After finishing the process, you should remove password protection from your iPhone. And you should also stop any and all programs on your iPhone and on your PC too. This has to be done before you start the actual Jailbreak process.

Next, Find the Correct iPhone Jailbreak Version

You need to find the correct version of the Jailbreak software for your phone. Different versions are available and you have to find the one that matches your iPhone Operating System (iOS)

To find out what version of the iPhone Operating System your phone has, go to Settings on your Home screen, after that go to General, and then About. Scroll to the bottom and you will see the details of your Operating System.

After you’ve found out what version of iOS your phone uses, get the correct version of Jailbreak software. There are lots of download sources for these software, one example being If your iOS version isn't listed there, look for other sources; you’ll find plenty of sources like this one online. Your goal is to find such an online download for a trustworthy Jailbreak software that lists your iOS version and then download the Jailbreak software files.

Once the software is downloaded to your PC, follow the instructions given during installation by your Jailbreak software. Some downloads may be in zip file format so if you don’t have it already you should get your hands on an unzipping software. is a good for example. If you don’t want to spend another half an hour researching archive software then just download it now.

If your Jailbreak software files are in a zipped file, then run the 7-zip software or any other archive software with unzipping features. And then you can extract the original files from the zip file that you downloaded. Once you’ve done all of this, go to the Jailbreak software directory and look for the installation file. The installation file usually ends with an .exe or rather its filename extension is .exe. Found it? Great! Let’s install it then!

Using the Jailbreak Software

As mentioned before, make sure you’re not using your iPhone or PC for anything else before running the software; iTunes should be closed down as well.

Open the Jailbreak program by running the installation file (.exe) and connect your iPhone and PC with a USB cable.  After that just hit the “Jailbreak” button and let it complete the installation. The process is not quite simple, so don’t be alarmed if it takes a while. Find something to drink and think about your day while the installation completes.

Once the process is finished, you will be prompted to open the Jailbreak icon that appears on your iPhone’s home screen. After you open it, the Jailbreak will be finished. Now, only one small step remains.

Now that you have an iPhone with a Jailbreak you should know that Cydia App is the main source of all the new apps that is now available for your iPhone. So make sure you get the app. After this app is downloaded and updated, you’ll have a fully functioning Jailbroken iPhone.

The process of Jailbreaking is fairly simple, if you follow the right guide, however not all iPhones are the same. Sometimes there will be something preventing you from Jailbreaking your iPhone. For example getting your device out of Safe modecan become tricky sometimes.

There are countless tiny reasons that can stand in your way, so make sure that before you panic and give up, you look up frequently asked questions online. Trust me, Jailbreaking isn’t something a handful of people know about. Whatever problems you have with your iPhone Jailbreak, many others have experienced it as well and some of them probably found solutions for it and posted it online.

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