Using Multiple Antivirus Software To Scan Your Computer

It is often recommended that individuals who own a computer should utilize one antivirus program at any given time. However, the problem with this approach is that there isn’t a single antivirus software that is faultless or completely infallible. While a specific antivirus software may say that your computer is completely clean and secure, another antivirus may find malware hiding amongst your files. Fortunately, we don’t have to strictly abide to the “one antivirus” approach.

When choosing to utilize more than one antivirus program, what you should actually be doing is: use your most comprehensive antivirus as your first line of defense and keep a second antivirus program as your ‘ace in the hole’. The first antivirus should be running constantly, providing background protection while you use your computer, the second antivirus should be activated intermittently (e.g. every weekend), to scan for things that the first antivirus may have missed.

If you happen to be wary of a certain file, you can quickly scan it with both antivirus programs or utilize websites that scan files with multiple antivirus software.

So Why Shouldn’t I Have Multiple Antivirus Programs Active Concurrently

The answer to this is quite simple; virtually all antivirus programs are made to function as the only security service on a computer. Nowadays, any antivirus worth its salt comes with a background scanning feature that gives your computer constant virus protection at all times. This means that whenever you run a program, download files, or visit any website, the antivirus takes note of everything and watches or potential threats.

An antivirus program often forms a symbiotic bond with your computer’s operating system so that it can perform its functions much more efficiently and effectively. However, this is where the problem lies. If you try to utilize two different antivirus programs at once, your problems may range from negative system performance to complete operating system crashes.

So How Can I Use Multiple Antivirus Programs To Scan My Computer?

As stated before, no single antivirus program can completely defend against every possible security threat. Windows Defender (Microsoft Security Essentials) is a good choice for a continuous antivirus software.

The other antivirus program that you utilize once or twice a week will be your secondary source of protection. Since this antivirus software will be activated manually (and you also don’t want it clashing with you other antivirus), it is imperative that you disable all real-time security services. Not only will this prevent clashes and make things run smoother, it will also speed up you system and antivirus scans as well.

Your secondary antivirus software should fit a few criteria.


  • It should be versatile
  • It should have the option to disable real-time security services
  • It should be discreet

Some popular antivirus programs that fit these criteria are:

ESET Online Scanner: ESET comes from the development team who created NOD32. It is flexible and has the ability to easily isolate and remove detected malware.

Malwarebytes:The free version of Malwarebytes fits the role of secondary antivirus perfectly. There is no automatic scan function, so you have complete control over what, when, and where this antivirus scans.

Instead of being lightweight and fast, your secondary antivirus software should favor accuracy and precision. If you’re going to be running this program once a week, then a quick scan should be the least of your priorities. An example of a program that makes for a bad secondary scanner is Bitdefender QuickScan. While this antivirus is speedy and extremely lightweight, it fails when it comes to locating complex malware.

So How Can I Use Multiple Antivirus Software To Scan A Single File


Sooner or later there will come a time when you have a suspicious file or two downloaded on your computer. Maybe the website that you found it on guarantees that it is safe, or maybe you had it emailed to you by a sender who claims that your antivirus is acting up by saying that the file has a virus. Whatever the case may be, you’ll want a definite answer.

When a situation like this arises you can make use of VirusTotal. This Google-owned website gives you the ability to upload a file (up to 32MB) and have it scanned by 46 antivirus programs. Of course there is still a slight margin for error when scanning with VirusTotal. However, the large number of antivirus programs utilized make this margin for error virtually negligible.

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